It is handy to have a checklist on hand for just about anything that you do. Home improvements are no exception to this recommendation, especially if you're planning on replacing your windows.  As a company that installs energy-efficient replacement windows here in the Minneapolis area, we'd like to help make the process easier for you.

Man checking off items on list in notebookChoosing the best window replacements to go with is involves making decisions on a number of elements.  You have many options to go with in terms of size, shape and color but you also get to choose the brand, the window ratings and what type of windows you can get.

With so many variations available, it's helpful to make a list to use when when you’re shopping for the right replacement windows for your home. You can use the information below to help you make a better replacement window decision.

Replacement Windows Checklist

Style: The style of the window will determine how the window functions and looks. Some window styles look better than others in specific rooms. And there's nothing that says you can't replace an existing window with a different style. 

  • Casement windows – open with a crank and hinged on either side
  • Sliding windows – slide open and have two or three sashes (also called gliders)
  • Bay windows – three windows that extend from the wall
  • Picture windows – large spacious windows that provide a great view outdoors and lets in a lot of natural light; these don't open, but they are often combined with other window styles that do
  • Double hung windows – very popular window choice that work well in many rooms, vertically tilt in
  • Bow windows – four or more windows are put together to create a curved area and open the room up with more light (similar to bay windows, except that a bay window is angular)
  • Awning windows – hinged at the top and open out

Materials: Choosing what the window framess are made from is also important. You can go with wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass or composite. Each comes with its own rating for durability, customization, energy efficiency, and affordability, as well as the maintenance level. (We do not recommend aluminum.)

Performance: How well the window performs is going to make all the difference when you put it in your home. Consider the glass type, the energy efficiency rating, how soundproof the glass is and if it has UV resistance that comes with it.

And finally there's appearance.  Those windows are going in your home where you're doing to look at them day after day for many years.  You want windows that will go with the architectural style of your home, but you also want something that appeals to your own personal taste as well.  After all, the one whose opinion matters most is you! 

Speak with us today when you want to have those windows replaced. We can provide many options to choose from and expert window replacement services in the Twin Cities area that you can count on.