This summer in the Twin Cities has seen some high temps, with the heat index going well over 100 some days.  So when we start talking about metal roofing, we often find that the first reaction is, "Not with this heat!"  People think that because it is metal, it is going to heat up and this is going to cause the home to become hotter, which in turn, would make the air conditioner run more and it would cost more to cool the home down. This is actually far from the truth. In fact, in areas that get hot summers like ours, a metal roof is a better option than an asphalt one, because the heat and direct sun can cause premature aging of asphalt shingles. Metal Roofing Actually Keeps Homes Cool

We find that many people still associate metal roofing with those old sheets of tin that cover barns and pole sheds. Of course those buildings get hot in the summer. But don't blame the metal roof.  Metal roofing - when properly installed - is something that can keep homes cool during the summer months. In actuality, a metal roof will make a home no hotter than any other type of roof.

When we put a metal roof on, our installation process means that air actually circulates underneath the roof, keeping the surface cooler. And for owners who chose light colored roofing, the cooling effect is even greater, because that roofing actually reflects the sun rays.  Keep reading to find out more about 'cool' roofing.

With Metal, You Can Opt for a Cool Roof

Something known as cool roofing is gaining in popularity across the U.S. This is a type of roof was designed with energy efficiency in mind.  Basically, a cool roof is one that does two things: it reflects the visible light rays and has high thermal emittance (the capability to radiate any absorbed heat away from the building). Light colored roofs keep homes cooler than dark ones. And when the roof is installed in conjunction with sufficient ventilation in the space below the roof, it can be even cooler.

Call us today if you want to find out more about metal roofing and what you can get from it. We'd love to talk with you about how having a metal roof installed now can keep you cool for all the summers ahead of you! Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor. We specialize in steel and other metal roofing.