Perhaps the recent severe hail storms and other harsh weather around the Twin Cities has got you thinking about something a little more protective for the outside of your home. Or maybe you've had it with repeated repainting expenses and other siding maintenance.  Whatever the reason, we're glad you're considering making the move to our seamless steel siding. This exceptional siding material has some terrific benefits that Minnesota homeowners will love.

But are you concerned it's going to make your home look industrial? Or worse, like a barn? We find that many Minnesota homeowners we talk to have a misconception about steel siding.  Yes, you can get that corrugated panel look that people sometimes associate with pole buildings and warehouses.  But that's not what we specialize in. You don't have to go for the barn look for your home, unless that's what you're after. There are so many beautiful looks available in steel siding today, and unless you get up close and touch it, you probably couldn't tell it's metal and not wood.

And yes, you can get the typical silver-grey, but there are lots of gorgeous colors to choose from! More than two dozen colors and different textures are available, so we're sure you can find something perfect for you and your home.  

But maybe all those choices are a little intimidating.  We'd like to make it easier for you to choose what you want for your home, so we've got a number of ways to do that. And if you find you really can't make up your mind, we'd love to help you. Our in-home consultations are free, and there is no obligation.

Image courtesy of Klauer Manufacturing, an example of selections using their online Colorizer tool