Now that the weather here in the Minneapolis area is turning cooler, it's clear that fall isn't far off. Now is a good time to get started on exterior home maintenance to get your home ready for the cold seasons ahead. And on that list - in addition to gutter clean-out - should be window cleaning. (You may want to wait to clean the exterior of your windows until you've done your gutters, though. That way you won't have to come back and re-do areas that may have gotten gutter debris washed onto them.) Your windows are the way to let in light, and they go along way towards contributing to the look of your home, both inside and outside. There are also many other benefits that come from having cleaner, better-looking windows. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to clean your windows on a regular basis and not just when you're expecting guests. Clean Windows Can Help Protect Air Quality

The quality of the air indoors is important. If you've got build-up on your windows it could be circulating into the air inside your home. Keeping your windows clean (and that includes the screen) cuts down on things like dust and pollen and other gunk that could end up in the air you're breathing.

Cleaning Can Improve the Look of the Windows

Those smudges on the windows can make them look bad if they are not cleaned correctly.  When the sun is shining through, it might be the first thing you notice. And that will detract from the look of any window.

Clean Windows Let in the Light

In addition to improving the look of the windows , cleaning them results in having more light inside your home. That's going to boost your mood and productivity overall. This is a great feeling. Plus, more light inside makes cleaning other things easier.

Get More Energy Efficiency

When the windows are cleaner, they are able to perform better.  Clean windows work the way they were intended to, which means you're getting the energy efficiency you paid for.

Take the time now while it's warm to clean those windows, because it will be easier and more comfortable to do it before the cold weather hits.  Iyour windows are not in the best shape or the ones you have are difficult to clean, have them replaced.  You'll be thankful this winter!

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