In less than two days we'll be moving into a new year and a new decade.  And with all the interest on protecting and preserving our planet, it just makes sense that 2020 should be the year that homeowners here in the Twin Cities should be thinking about making changes to their homes. The best place to start with any type of home remodeling is on the exterior. Our company specializes in energy efficient home remodeling, and we can help you update your home to fit in with that goal. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Add rooftop solar, a clean source of renewable energy that will cut your usage of traditional electrical power AND reduce your utility costs.
  • Replace your asphalt roof with steel or other metal roofing.  If you do this in combination with installation of rooftop solar panels, you'll be maximizing your investment. And you'll be getting a roof that will require very little in the way of maintenance and most likely will outlive you. Imagine never having to think about roof replacement ever again!  And metal roofing is considered an excellent option for those who want an eco-friendly roof.
  • Replace your siding with our seamless steel siding. Steel siding is an environmentally friendly siding product for much the same reasons as metal roofing. And you'll get many of the same benefits, including very little maintenance required.  Since our siding is installed using a process that eliminates seams, you'll find this siding to be much more energy-efficient than other comparable siding products.  No gaps to let air or moisture in or out.  And that results in a more attractive look for a home as well.
  • Choose new energy-efficient windows. Cutting your heating and cooling costs is just a start.  Consider opting for window styles that will let in more natural light so you can reduce the need to have your lights on during the day.  Plus on cooler days, the sunlight coming in can actually warm your rooms up, which means your furnace will run less.  
  • Add storm doors to keep the weather outside while you protect your home more. Quality storm doors do much more than add another layer of insulation to your entry areas. Two doors are more challenging to breach than one, so high quality storm doors will make your home more secure as well.
Our licensed Minnesota home improvement company is on the job all year round, so if we can help you give your home a new look this season, please give us a call.  We serve the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.