photo courtesy of Larson Doors

The recent cold and high winds may have created drafts and discomforts in your home.  If you don't have storm doors, this might be a good time to consider having them installed.  We have people ask us why we recommend storm doors. Aren't energy-efficent entry doors enough?  Do you really need a second one installed?  In this post, we will discuss the benefits that storm doors offer and why you might need one.

Top Benefits of a Storm Door

Many Minnesota homeowners install storm doors in front of their exterior doors. Why? Storm doors offer numerous important benefits that make them worth the purchase price. Here are the top three benefits of adding a storm door to your Minneapolis home:
  1. Increases Energy Efficiency of Your Home:  Storm doors provide another barrier against the outdoors. Storm doors also reduce any air leaking through your front door. Furthermore, it adds to the insulation of your home by producing an air pocket between the primary door and the storm door. Your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing your utility bills.  This is especially important for doors on north-facing sides of homes. The coldest, strongest winds we get in the winter come out of the north, so having an extra layer of protection in that direction is important to both comfort and energy conservation.
  1. Protection of Your Main Door: Perhaps you love your front door. Maybe it just got a fresh coat of paint or it is an original from your historic home. A storm door stands in front of your main door providing it protection from the harsh elements. The costs of maintaining your main door are reduced. Also, the costs to replace a storm door are much cheaper than the main door.  And if your entry door is genuine wood, it's almost a must to protect it from things like blowing snow, rain, and hail.
  1. Keeps the Bad Stuff Out and the Good Stuff In: During the winter months, you will, of course, keep your main and storm door closed to ensure the heat stays inside. However, in the summer and spring months, you have the choice of keeping your main door open. By doing so, you let in a lot of natural light that you want in your home. Moreover, most storm doors offer the option of switching glass for the screen. This allows a breeze to come into your house without the annoyance of bugs getting in.
Contact us today for help choosing and installing the right storm door for your needs.  We are proud to carry quality storm doors from Larson, and we offer installation in the greater Twin Cities metro area, including communities in western Wisconsin.  Quarve Contracting, Inc. is al licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, and door installation is among our exterior home improvement services.