As spring comes closer, we're getting calls from people who have questions about replacement windows. That's a popular remodeling project this time of year as homeowners in the Twin Cities are still recovering from sticker shock from winter heating bills but thinking about letting in fresh air as it warms up.  So we thought it might be helpful to share some basic information for those of you who are thinking about having those old energy-wasting windows removed and new ones put in.

The Basics of Twin Cities Replacement Windows

When it comes to having replacement windows installed in your home,  we understand you want some assurance you're getting the right ones for your home. This means knowing the specific points to consider. If you’re ready to do that, then read along. We’ve compiled the best list of the things to know when it comes to Minnesota replacement windows. Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Some people try to save some cash by purchasing replacement windows at a home improvement store and then putting the windows in themselves. However, this is not something that is recommended - either by us or window manufacturers. You spend more in the long run because you have issues that arise and that are not covered by insurance or the window company's warranty. You may not even have the right tools. Always hire a replacement window contractor to do the work.

How Long a Life Do you Expect from Your New Windows?

If you are considering long-term windows, choose higher quality windows. Occasionally homeowners are looking for something cosmetic, to update their home prior to listing it for sale.  If you're not interested in upping the value of your home or increasing it's energy efficiency, just getting it sold quickly, it might be more economical to buy inexpensive windows.  But for the most part, we (as well as real estate professionals) recommend choosing the most energy-efficient and highest quality windows you can afford.  Sometimes the cost of those windows might have you questioning if it's a wise investment, but if you do your homework and are confident you're paying for more than just an expensive brand name, those windows should be worth the cost.

Know More About the Windows You're Considering

It is always recommended that you read the label on the window and know what each of the ratings means.  Each one of those numbers on the label have significance, and they relate to how energy efficient they are as well as other things like UV protection.  Click here to read an informative article that explains the ratings.

In addition to understanding the sticker on the window, it's a good idea to know the basics of various types of window frame material as well as the reputation the brand has.  A licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor who installs replacement windows should be able to help you with this.

Narrow Your Options Down

It is recommended that you narrow down the options by the specifics of the window that you want and need, but also by the price that they cost and what you can afford, as well as the extras that may be available with a particular window.  Make a checklist of the many things you want and cannot live without, and which things you do not really need. Narrowing down your options can help you choose which one is going to work the best with your home, but also with the needs that you have for your home. When you've got a good list of 'must haves,' this can help you compare windows to find out which ones meet your needs and fit your budget.

If you are ready to replace the windows in your home, speak with us today. We can provide the necessary help that you need so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision. We can guide you down the right path. Call today to get the right windows in before those warm spring breezes start.