Here in the Minneapolis area as things are warming up, some homeowners are opening up their windows to let in the fresh air.  Perhaps that's you, but you've struggled to open them, or perhaps they won't stay open.  Or maybe your winter utility bills for heating have got you stressing out.

Many things can affect the operation or the energy-efficiency of a window, including:

  • Frost over during the winter months
  • Windows sticking when you try to open them, or not being able to stay open
  • Increased heating or cooling costs because windows have air leaks
  • During heavy snowstorms or rain, windows can leak moisture
As a homeowner, when these things happen in your home, you have two choices available: have your windows replaced or have them repaired. In some instances, the choice is simple. But there are situations where the answer may not be so obvious.  Here are some tips to evaluate which is best for you. When Is it Recommended That You Repair Your Windows?

Generally, there are only three circumstances where it’s best to repair the windows rather than replace:

  1. When you're trying to preserve an old structure, such as an historic or vintage home
  2. The window has minor damage (such as broken glass)
  3. The window is fairly new
The last two reasons have to do with the extent of damage and the age of the window. It may be best to repair your windows if they’re somewhat new. However, regardless of age, it’s important to assess the damage prior to replacing them. If the damage to the window is not severe, it may be cost-effective and easier to replace a window component or a pane of glass. It is also important to remember that not all residential windows can be repaired. They may require replacement if the window is too old to fix or the damage is too extensive.

The other reason why repair over replacement is best is that there is historic value to your home and maintaining the existing original components is always preferable.

When Is it Best to Replace Your Windows?

The two most common reasons to replace your residential windows are age and excessive damage. Although many homeowners would like to save money by repairing their windows, there comes a time when they require replacement. New windows make a better investment as well. New energy-efficient windows not only last longer, but they also seal your home far better, leading to lower utility bills during winter and summer months.

Got questions about the state of your windows?  Installation of energy-efficient replacement windows is just one of our many exterior home improvement services here in the Minneapolis area.  Contact us today for a free consultation