As often happens this time of year when homeowners around the Twin Cities are getting outside more as the snow has melted and the weather warms up, people are taking a critical look at the exteriors of their homes and wondering if it's time to do some upgrades.  The most obvious place to start is with replacing your siding, since that's the largest surface area that people see (not counting the roof, but that's usually less visible).  

As a homeowner, it's important that you realize the siding of your home plays a critical part in the health of your home. When all is said and done, the siding of your home is the first line of defense against Minnesota’s harsh elements. In fact, selecting a new siding can be challenging when planning an exterior renovation. The truth is, not all siding is right for you or for your home. At Quarve, we recommend assessing the various materials and options for siding from contemporary to traditional. During an overhaul, it is important to choose a material and style that will provide a good return on investment. You’ll also want your home to receive an aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the style of your siding is part of the process to creating a beautiful exterior.  You have a variety of options, but right now one of the trending styles is vertical siding.  Of course, the traditional style is horizontal lap siding, but you might want to consider the vertical styles if you'd like a look that makes your home stand out.  If the choices are down to vertical or lap siding, it’s important to know the difference and which one is right for you as a homeowner.

photo courtesy of The James Hardie Co.

Lap Siding:  Lap siding is the most common style, and it still remains the most popular choice for an exterior remodel. It has an enduring, traditional look. However, most homeowners are searching for ways to liven up their home while still using lap siding.  One of its appeals is that it combines well with other siding styles such as shake or shingle.  It's the best style choice for farmhouse or cottage-style homes because of its traditional look. Vertical Siding: Vertical siding is, of course, installed vertically, unlike horizontal lap siding. The most obvious difference between lap siding and vertical siding is the end lappearance. Many homeowners choose the look of the vertical siding as a way to bring a modern feel to their home. However, it can be used with other siding styles - even lap siding - for an interesting look.  Note the home shown here and how well the two styles work together.

Which style is right for you?  It depends on what appeals to you and what fits with your end goals for how you want your home to look.  Either way, make sure you choose a quality siding product as well as a licensed Minnesota siding contractor to have it installed.

In addition to aesthetics, an important factor when selecting siding is substance. It is vital to work with an experienced exterior remodeling construction team, such as Quarve, that uses high-quality, trusted products and materials. Keep in mind, performance is more than the quality of the materials -- it’s also about the quality of the installation. Contact us to learn more about vertical siding and lap siding. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.  We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company, and in addition to siding installation, we offer other exterior services such as metal roofing and energy-efficient replacement windows.