About this time of year when homeowners around the Twin Cities have finished paying what are hopefully the last of the cold weather utility bills, people start to seriously consider doing some home remodeling that could reduce those costs.  And if you're one of the lucky ones who will be getting a tax refund that hasn't been earmarked for other purposes, this just might be the best time to do just that.  Making homes more energy-efficient is at the top of the list for many we talk to.  Whether you've got a small budget or a significant amount you want to spend, here are some ideas for you:

  • Install storm doors:  This is one of the least expensive change you can make to your home, and it's one that will pay off all year round.  In  both cold and hot weather, storm doors provide an extra layer of insulation between the outside temperature and the interior of your home.  Plus, if you opt for full glass doors, you can leave your entry doors open and let in more sunlight without losing the security of a locked exterior door.  That could mean you need to turn on fewer lights inside, saving on electricity.  Also, in mild weather, storm doors with screens allow for plenty of air flow, letting you have more comfort indoors without needing a fan or running your A/C.  We are proud to install beautiful, high quality storm doors from Larson.
  • Replace your entry doors:  Replacing your old entry doors with more energy-efficient ones can not only cut down on wasted heat or cooling but will also add to the value of your home. In fact, it's the top exterior remodeling project in terms of return on investment.  The steel and fiberglass doors we install can also make your home more secure, and you won't need repeated refinishing like you would with wood exterior doors.  We offer energy-efficient windows from both PlyGem and Andersen.
  • Upgrade your windows to more energy-efficient, maintenance free ones:  The majority of heat (or cooling) loss in a home is through window openings, so this type of project can be a major money saver.

For those who are interested in making a real dent in their energy costs as well as increasing the eco-friendly materials content of their homes. we can suggest a variety of other larger projects, such as seamless steel siding.  And if you're seriously considering switching to rooftop solar panels, we'd love to talk to you about our metal roofing - the best base for a solar array.  We work in conjunction with solar panel installers for a well-coordinated installation.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company specializing in exterior energy-efficient home remodeling.  Whether you're looking to have one storm door installed or you're ready to transform the entire exterior of your home into a protective yet 'green' envelope, give us a call for a free consultation.  We serve the greater Twin Cities metro area, including outlying communities as well as areas of western Wisconsin.