A siding crew on the job One of our seamless steel siding crews on the job, installing a terrific, durable product, extruded on site to the exact dimensions of your home.

Metal siding has been around for a very long time. But most likely you're familiar with it as a covering for pole barns and other ag structures. But it's also been used for homes for quite awhile as well.  Aluminum siding first emerged in the U.S. residential market in the late 1930s, and by the mid 40s it was the most popular siding material. Why?  Mainly because it was lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy to install.  You can still buy it, and in some areas it is very popular, even though it's more expensive than the most commonly used siding material, vinyl.  But we don't recommend it for homes in our area; our #1 siding material choice is seamless steel. Steel siding - especially the seamless type that we install - has a number of qualities that make it a far superior siding material for Minnesota homes.  If you're shopping for metal siding and have considered aluminum, here's what you need to know. 

Aluminum Siding vs Seamless Steel Siding

  • First off, aluminum is a softer metal, making it more susceptible to dents and scratches from debris impact. Tree branches being blown against it in a wind storm can result in a scratched finish. Hail can wreak havoc on it, and as we're prone to hail storms in the Twin Cities (as well as the rest of the state), a more durable metal is a better choice. The company that manufactures the steel siding material we work with warranties it against hail damage for 50 years!
  • Aluminum siding is NOT a maintenance-free material.  Just like wood siding, it requires a periodic repainting. In contrast, our seamless steel siding has a baked-on finish that will last for a very long time. In fact, our siding comes with a 35-year warranty against chalking and fading.
  • The sun will fade the color of aluminum siding, making it very difficult to repair or replace a section. You won't get the same color, so you'll probably end up having to repaint your entire house even though you're only replacing a small section.
  • While seamless steel siding can add to the value of your home, aluminum siding will do just the opposite.  It's simply not a siding material today's homeowner finds attractive.

If you're considering metal siding for your home, we'd love a chance to talk to you about our seamless steel siding and give you more reasons why we believe you have no better siding option for your home here in Minnesota.  Contact us today for a free consultation, either in-home or virtual.

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