We are hearing from a number of our building materials suppliers that prices will be increasing shortly.  We're interested in saving Minnesota homeowners money, so we're passing this information on to you. Now that construction trades have been back to work for a few months, it doesn’t surprise us that many manufacturers  are raising their prices. Higher costs this fall for much of what we install are anticipated. And this could definitely impact the cost of a new roof or siding replacement as well as other exterior improvements. This is the perfect time to get projects like a new metal roof or new siding done on your home to prepare it for the seasons ahead, and if you plan now, you’ll be able to save on the cost.

You can beat those anticipated cost increases in building materials by getting a quote now! We will honor EXISTING ESTIMATES UNTIL August 14th; price increases will take effect August 17th.

Yes, it’s only August, but it is definitely not too early to have projects done that will enhance and protect your home before another Minnesota winter hits. If ice dam formation is a problem year after year, this is the perfect time for a permanent solution.
Other projects to consider will make your home more comfortable and secure this winter, but you’ll be reaping the benefits now as well. 
Energy-efficient replacement windows keep your home comfortable in every season, plus they will help you save money on heating and cooling.  Our seamless aluminum gutters with oversized downspout openings can handle even the most severe fall thunderstorms.  New entry doors – a project that delivers one of the highest returns on investment of any type of remodeling- will make your home more secure as well as keeping the elements out. Add new soffit, fascia or wraps of windows. Stop painting and increase air flow into your attic to prolong asphalt roof life. Contact us today to arrange a quote - we can meet with you in your home, following state and CDC guidelines, or you can have a virtual estimate, whichever you're comfortable with.  We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor, and we serve the greater Twin Cities metro area with exterior home improvements such as metal roofing and seamless steel siding.