We all seem to be spending more time in our homes these days. Just being there during the day for extended periods may have you scrutinizing things in and around your home.  We're finding as we talk to homeowners that some people are using this 'opportunity' to make lists of things they want to change or items that need repairs or replacements.  Are new windows on your list?  If so, we'd like to encourage you to get that done now rather than later.

Yes, replacing windows is a type of exterior remodeling project that can be done virtually any season of the year. (Although there are times you might not want an exposed opening in your home's walls for even just an hour or two, like when it's 20 below!) But there are some great reasons to get them replaced right now.

  • Prices of building materials are expected to increase this fall. We're offering people the chance to save by getting an estimate before August 14th. If you do, we'll guarantee the price we quote you, even if window costs go up before yours are installed.
  • With new windows you'll be ready to have those windows open to take advantage of the milder fall weather!  Chances are you've got yours shut most of the time now and are running your A/C, but before long it will be open window season again.  Wouldn't it be nice to do it with new, easy-to-operate windows?
  • Save on your utility costs, all year round.  The hot weather isn't over yet, and it's likely you'll still need to run your air conditioner for a bit yet.  Those same windows that will keep the hot air out and the cool air inside will save you money and make your home more comfortable when those bitter cold winter temps hit. 
  • Those who are working from home or have kids doing school at home will appreciate the newer windows both now and in the months ahead as well.  Modern replacement windows are more effective at blocking outside noises, so it will be quieter in your home. You won't hear your neighbor's leaf blower as you're trying to do that all-important client meeting over Zoom! 
We are currently offering both in-home and virtual estimates.  Contact us today to make an appointment and take advantage of our offer to beat the expected price increase while you add more comfort and value to your home! Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor specializing in energy-efficient services such as replacement windows, doors, roofing, and siding.  We serve the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area.