As the cost of building materials increases, we've had a number of people call us to get their exterior remodeling projects scheduled before the prices go up.  We find as we're talking with homeowners here in the Twin Cities that cost is definitely an important factor in their decisions, but they also want to be assured that they are spending money on something that is a wise investment.  Seamless steel siding definitely qualifies for that.

If you're checking out siding materials to have yours replaced, you are most likely aware that you have quite a few options.  Some are more budget-priced, others may cost more but will last longer in our climate.  But we believe that there is only one siding product that makes financial sense as well as providing the perfect protection for Minneapolis and St. Paul homes:  seamless steel siding.

The benefits of having seamless steel siding installed on your home are many, but here are just a few to consider:
  • Other than an occasional washing down with a garden hose, this siding needs virtually no maintenance. Other siding materials regularly need to be re-caulked, painted, and more. 
  • Seamless steel siding resists fading or chalking, so the appearance you get when it's brand new will be the same after decades of wear.
  • Impacts from things like hail (or even your kid's baseball) won't affect it.  The finish is baked in, so it won't chip or flake.
  • Moisture and temperature variations won't affect seamless steel siding: no warping or cracking, no mold or rot.
  • Because this product is seamless, no air or moisture will get in between siding sections and cause damage to your home.  The air-tight quality also makes it a very energy-efficient product. 
There are more things we could tell you about this exceptional siding product that's extruded on site to the dimensions of your home, but we'd prefer to meet with you and talk about why we believe that Twin Cities homeowners will find there is no siding material that provides better protection for their homes.  Think of this siding product as an investment rather than an expense, because you can expect decades of protection for your home.  Our first steel siding project was nearly 40 years ago, and that Minneapolis home looks much like it did way back then. Why not contact us today to find out more about seamless steel siding for your home?  Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota siding installation contractor.