Make sure you've got plenty of clearance between the side of your house and your grill.

Whenever it's backyard grilling season here in the Minneapolis area, fire trucks are sure to be called out.  Often the problem is minor and gets taken care of even before the fire fighters show up.  But still there's likely some damage.  Siding catches fire or gets warped and distorted from the heat.  It happens far too often during outdoor cooking season here in the Twin Cities. We get it - you want your grill to be convenient, and so many homeowners tend to put it as close to the sliding door on their deck or patio as possible.  But fire safety experts tell us that at the very minimum, your grill should be AT LEAST 10 feet away from any combustible items.  That includes not only the side of your house but also wood structures like deck rails and picnic tables. The same rule holds whether your grill is charcoal, gas, or wood pellet.  Also, it applies to free-standing fire pits and chiminea fireplaces.
To avoid damage to your siding, place your grill (whatever type) at least 10 feet away from your house.
But occasionally those 10 feet are not sufficient to prevent siding damage.  A gust of wind could send an ember flying right at the side of your house.  And before you know it, you've got a problem.  Keeping a fire extinguisher at your side while you're grilling is also recommended.

If you're a die-hard outdoor cooking enthusiast and you like to fire up that grill no matter what the season, perhaps it's time to invest in something that will protect your home from an unfortunate accident.  Steel siding won't melt or warp from heat like vinyl siding will. And it won't catch fire like wood siding might.

Oh, and we've got lots of other reasons why we think you should consider our seamless steel siding to protect your home from whatever might threaten it - even if it's your own cooking! We'd love to talk with you more about how the right siding can protect AND beautify your home for decades.  Plus while we're at it, we can discuss how steel or other metal roofing can do the same for the top of your home. Then you can enjoy a little peace knowing your home is safe from even the smallest fire.

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