One of the most popular home improvement projects for people here in the Twin Cities metro area who own older homes is having energy-efficient replacement windows installed.  If you've got older windows - especially those with single pane glass - we highly recommend you check out vinyl windows from Ply Gem. As homeowners ourselves, we checked out quite a few companies that manufacture energy-efficient replacement windows before we settled on Ply Gem - both for our company to partner with and for us to install in our own home.  We were looking for good quality windows that performed well in the face of our often harsh weather. But we also wanted windows that were relatively economical without being cheaply made.  Ply Gem checked all the boxes on our wish list for windows.

But before we get to the Ply Gem brand, we wanted to share a few thoughts on why you should consider vinyl windows for your home.  After all, you have quite a few options in frame material:  wood, composite, fiberglass, aluminum, clad wood, and vinyl.  We don't recommend aluminum; the material is too soft to hold up.  We also don't recommend wood windows, or at least wood exteriors.  First of all, wood windows are expensive, compared to some other options.  And wood exteriors come with high maintenance requirements.  Regular refinishing and re-caulking are required to keep them looking and working well. And since wood can absorb moisture and expand and contract with temperature changes, wood frames are prone to cracking and warping.  If you really like the look of real wood on the inside of your home, we suggest you seek out a window that has maintenance-free protective cladding on the exterior.  Or look for window frames that replicate the look of wood, like fiberglass.

Overall, we believe that vinyl windows are great for homes in our area.
  • Compared to similar windows of other materials, the cost of vinyl windows can be as much as 40% less
  • Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning
  • Once available only in white or off white, vinyl windows now come in as many as 10 colors for exterior frames
  • Vinyl window frames aren't affected by temperature extremes or moisture and will not rot or warp; insect infestation isn't a threat
  • Vinyl is an excellent insulator, which means they deliver on energy efficiency.
Now, let's talk about the Ply Gem company in particular.  Ply Gem is considered by many in the building industry to be the #1 replacement window brand in America.  They are known for producing high quality building and remodeling materials that deliver exceptional performance.

And in terms of enduring beauty, the color goes completely through the frame, not just a coating on the outside.  That means you get lasting color in a durable window.  Their color options and style selection allow you to custom design a window package for your home that fits your needs and tastes.

Ply Gem windows have been installed in many homes across the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro, and we'd love to add your name to our list of satisfied replacement window customers.  To find out more about these great windows and get a free no-obligation quote, contact us today.  You can call or text us at 763-785-1472 or use our handy online contact form. We are a licensed Minnesota exterior home improvement contractor, and installation of energy-efficient replacement windows is just one of our services.