Most of us rely on our cell phones not only to keep in contact with friends and family but also to conduct business, shop, communicate with co-workers, and more.  And since working from home has become commonplace, it's understandable that homeowners here in the Minneapolis area might be concerned about their remodeling plans affecting their cell service.  Just like we frequently get questions about metal roofing interfering with cell signals, people ask about how our seamless steel siding could cause problems if they choose to have it installed.

Despite it's popularity across the U.S., steel siding is not as well-known as other siding materials, and when we talk with prospective siding customers we find there are quite a few myths about this siding, one of which is that it interferes with cell signals. We're not sure where this idea originated, but it isn't true.

For the same reasons we detailed in our recent blog post on cell phones and metal roofing (click here to read it if you haven't already), if you have no cell phone issues in your home right now, having our seamless steel siding installed won't change that. A typical Twin Cities home is already filled with lots of metal, both structurally and from furnishings and appliances.  So adding some steel to the outside shouldn't create problems with your cell service.

As a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor who specializes in energy-efficient, eco-friendly exterior solutions such as metal roofing and siding, part of our job is to educate homeowners in our area about the benefits of these exceptional products and correcting misinformation.

Metal siding such as our seamless steel is one of the top four siding materials used on homes in the U.S.  The first on the market was aluminum siding, introduced in the mid 1940s as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood siding.  We don't recommend aluminum siding for homes in Minnesota; it's a soft metal that can easily be damaged by hail.  Steel siding provides the advantages of being virtually maintenance free but is extremely durable and impact resistant.

If you're looking for one of the most durable siding materials on the market today, we'd like to talk to you about our seamless steel siding.  Our innovative installation method creates siding with no gaps to let in air or water. (But cell signals get through just fine!)  And no, it doesn't resemble the corrugated metal you see on barns and pole buildings, either.  Just take a look at this home shown here - one of our products.  The owner chose both lap and shake profiles.  Unless you go right up and touch it, you'd never know it was steel and not wood.  And that gorgeous wood-like appearance will remain for decades, with very little care needed. If you still have questions about whether seamless steel siding is right for your home, why not contact us today?  Homeowners all across the greater Twin Cities metro area have chosen us to install this exceptional siding, and you'll find our steel siding projects all over this part of the state, from Harris to New Prague, including communities like Marine on St. Croix, Stillwater, and Burnsville.